hullo halfstalkers

What I Want For My Birthday
this piece of technology


this piece of history

this is for my mom who will see this.
also any siblings...
you have 23 days


caught by surprise

in ten hours i'll be on a plane heading toward my dear friend.

prior to that:
deciding what to pack

i would like to take a moment to pause...
and say how awe filled i am.
how when i can't see the possible through the impossible,
He reaches down and stills my core.

desert dancing
watching water well up in the dry cracks.

my art has a desperate clutch on my life.
it's a frightening, beautiful, incredible thing.

i think, talk, dream of nothing else.

the word 'rather' is becoming slowly obsolete from daily vocabulary.

letting go my teaspoon of water
so the tide can wash over with abundance.


"a wing can always turn"

slightly freaked at the amount to do
and my lack of ability to do
what to do?

stay up till 4am imaging

"what a brainy scheme!"

the foolhardyness of this notion will sink in
about the time colebear becomes molten lava of energy

salute the sleep depravity




I'm sitting here with about 5 hours worth of work ahead of me.
Knowing I can't accomplish it before bedtime.

All I can think about is how it would be rather nice if there was someone to kiss the back of my knees.

They are ouchy.
Here I am showing off my burntness... oh and a lovely bruise.

Pretty sure that 20oz coffee I had at 6pm isn't pulling it's weight.


"welcome to the fallout"

today i was brash and reached out my hand to what i thought was a fellow photographer.
what i didn't know is that he was a god.

i even offered him a job.

to try to make up for that blunder...

i shot for five short minutes on my roof.
justice is my little brother.
he always seems to escape general portrait times.
making up.



i don't break outside my photoshop boundaries very often
but when i accidentally do...

...pretty things happen...


Light Gives Heat

...just when it seems talent has entered coma status...
...light and imagination tesser...


images and sounds

april after all

it's really coming down
raining cats and hounds
it's falling on parades
and on the plans we made

but there'll be other days
and things will turn our way
the rain has got to fall
it's April after all

even the longest night
will lead you to daylight
it's the way May leads to June
and it's how I've come to you

the world goes spinning round
life goes up and down
and rain is bound to fall
it's April after all

there'll be other days
darling come what may
the rain has got to fall
it's April after all

ron sexsmith


"i am so out of tune"

it's April first.
which means I get to create a new month folder under "ABI PHOTO 2008"
always good.

facebook is acting in strange ways.
disallowing commenting and the like.

on the other hand Pandora remains close to my heart.
when I get a compatible phone in Aug I can bring it along my meanderings.

this is my new journal.
empty pages.
i packed the old one up in my 'important' crate.
nestled up against the last 3 years words.

work has been flowing on.
as an example:
last two weeks I had five shoots.
with two this weekend.






and that's that...