momentary song obsession
(the photo is just one from the bottom drawer of edits)


as i work...

one of last fall's clients are buying prints
going through the photos i rediscover this face

she's so young
so easy
so brinking

that seemingly forever time of being girl
girl through to your pith

this woman remembers that time with fondness


on being

"it blew me away"

how many times have i heard or said that?

read this quote in a book...
and it had never stopped me before.
then i realized...
when we are amazed,
in a way, we have ourselves (Me) blasted aside.

it's an apt saying.
when moments of great beauty, joy or even shock are made known;
then the mask of Me is momentarily absorbed by that moment,
Me ceases.

i'd always taken this expression as...
"blown like a tumbleweed by a force of greatness."
and in my head the camera pans to follow Me pushed aside so roughly.

but in truth,
the focus is on the moment.
Me ripped aside,
like a frail, clouded tissue on the lens.

it's the same for:
"I lost myself in the moment"
"forgot myself"
If thou could empty all thyself of self, Like to a shell disinhabited

i am delighted when words gain depth.