merelight studio introduces album

i'm so proud to display this

leather is soft as marshmellow cream

the pages are lusciously thick

happy things



we found a box of old photos from papa's childhood...

highschool senior...
mom says, "this is the man i fell in love with"
stud city

at fourteen... which is wacky

grandpa and grandma vrazo

photo left: uncle tim, papa (doug), uncle joe
photo middle: grandpa john holding baby papa
photo right: uncle matt showing off papa's booka...
which says "olympic champ"

papa and uncle tim rocking hard

papa as toddler/gunslinger of detroit
the creative genius of this one is so accidental and grand

documentation of just what a style icon my papa is.
check out the suit... and vest... and hair

grandma mary loving on baby papa


worth mentioning...

i love metallic paper.
i had some recent photos printed just for me.
kinda the equivalent to an icecream cone.
the gleam makes them feel luxurious and slightly ethereal.

i love narnia.
with my snobby rejection of walden's representation,
i find myself in the paperback we've had since childhood.
the rush of familiarity.
somehow i know these lands in a way i don't always my own.

i love road trips.
supposively a 14ish by 7ish space would mean torture.
yet being with the bodies i care for most seems to entail joy.
even if smacking is involved.
there are the special moments of 70's sycronized clapping,
candy rainstorms from waly-world,
footrubs and sweaty foreheads on my lap.

i love full moons.

i love godly men.
not perfect, but blameless...
who passionately strive toward keeping my covenants whole.
who patiently bear this world's trials and lack of prosperity.
that keep me from retreating into self pity by their faithfulness.

i love music.
the weepies.
kate rusby.
that one ray lamontagne song.
random gifted itunes.

i love time.
which mends memory gashes.
puts all the glory where it belongs and locks away hate.
how through it i am given immeasurable grace.
and the promise of loneliness sated.

i am thank filled.


i love that boy

the inn0cence mission

I love that boy and he is my friend.
I see him going down the long hall.
I love that boy and he is my friend.
I wave to him from very far off.

He goes uphill,
I wish that I could follow after him.
He goes uphill.
Please let him be safe there, across the way.
I love that boy, I say.

I love him all the day.

And I’m standing up under the trees,
I’m cheering every day.
I love that boy, I say.

i shoot faeries


"this is the time that's been given to me"

blessed moments
haven't officially worked for a whole 48 hours
very liberating
hence the collage

(mercy's a dear)

youtube of the day



This song makes me love hard.
With about twenty million repeats yesterday,
i expected to be jaded to it's power in the morning...

i was delightfully wrong

Lately I've been feeling like the day has come
You'll walk up to me and erase my memory

Can't wait to feel brand new
I cant wait to meet you again,

(video best listened to, not viewed. unless being tripped out appeals to you.)