such is the life of the living

just finished shooting a wedding...
note on that:
this couple was so grateful.
i was humbled and encouraged by their warmth.

i leave in 5 hours for idaho...

there is a bit of shock involved.



i haven't loved a shot this much in a long time




tonight i edit

tonight i love

lovesong love

Falling Free
David Gray

All of my senses overthrown
By the might of your skin
And the lamplight
On your cheek bone
Drawing me further in
No sentence I can speak
For the wonder so unique
Breaking like a wave
Upon the shore
Mercy me, I'm falling free
Since you opened up the door

See how the sky is
Made of sapphire
The colours flowing
Through our hands
The moon is fire in your hair
A million miles beyond
What science understands
Smell that mountain heather
I don't remember ever
Feeling like this before
Mercy me, I'm falling free
Since you opened up the door

If every windowpane
Should shatter
If every wall should fall apart
Well it might hurt a bit
But would it matter
With this jewel in my heart

No need to nail it to the ground
No need to smother it with sense
Just listen to the rhythm of
Your heart that pounds
And trust it all to chance
Cos we‚re standing face to face
With the angel of grace
Don't it just taste so pure
Mercy me, I'm falling free
Since you opened up the door

my goodness.
today i discovered this.
and repeated...
this makes the phantom wedding soundtrack.
"The moon is fire in your hair"

are you kidding!


the boy is strange

Loyal: I need to pack all my camping gear
Abi: When are you going camping?
Loyal: It's going to rain and I want to make it more adventurous.
Abi: oh
Loyal: I'm not really the strong and silent type,
but the always prepared type.


enter the ear

i have a playlist that repeats.
evolving from the past month to tonight.

here, a bit from each song

1. Oh the glory that the lord has made
And the complications when I see his face
In the morning in the window

2. Drag your blanket blindly

3. 'Til your footprint is swept away by the tide

4. We layed across the ocean wide
Bridged the gap in record time
The people traveled across and kissed our hands

5. It's not easy to hide when your heart's on full view
Oh, tonight cruel world be forgiven

6. pretty baby

7. You got to be careful when you you've got good love
Cause them angels will just keep on multiplying

8. And love is wild for reasons, and hope though short in sight,
Might be the only thing that wakes you by surprise

9. And I'm just waiting till the shine wears off

10. Brush your gray wings on my head

11. your love' s the warmest place the sun ever shines
my morning yearning

12. I look up you're standing next to me
What a feeling

13. Cautious and safe

14. She wants to know can I replace
This tired wool with satin lace

15. to find the stories that we sometimes need
Listen close enough
all else fades

16. *instrumental*

17. It's only one part, of the story

18. And now I'm older gotta get up clean the place

19. Don't let your soul get lonely child

20. Riverbed
Underneath the weeping willow
I'll sleep until the sunlight fills the sky

21. A flock of owls know your name

22. Some strange person is calling you their home
Can you be where you want to be?

23. I'm singing this one like a broken piece of glass

24. Why on earth am I pretending?
I'm here again, the stars befriending

25. I'm taken by a nursery rhyme
I want to make a ray of sunshine and never leave home

26. Would I lie in my bed once again

27. And because of that, I'm not scared at all

28. we're invincible
young and refined

29. lay your head down

30. All the light that you possess is skewed by lakes and seas


like this one...

every wedding has it's salt teary moments
i'll be editing along and BAM
usually the father/daughter dance

not always

little, rare "oh, that's why i do this" moments

it helps to be listening to The Weepies, Little Bird


"go gently"

"here beneath the stars i'm tending"

today was profitable,
with 150 photos edited.

my hair smells of chlorine.



endures all things...

it's late...
i've been awake since 5:45am.
cole woke up kinda itchy in the mood,
i overlooked it...
so when we went to swimming lessons it bubbled over in wails.
that was fun.

children give the chance to simplify what i believe about life.
like the fact that:
joy is choice.
not determined by circumstance.
obedience brings happiness.

misery is brought on by worrying and rebellion.

on the way home i stocked up on vitamins.
trying to keep my hair healthy... it's not growing as rapidly
iced coffee from Eurotazza = good

came home to edit.
made pretty good progress.
forced to deal with my ineptitude... *sigh*

learning about:
War of the Worlds,
first flight

tanned from the weekend.
my arms are strangers to me.
where have my flabby white noodles gone?

had a couple of important conversations this past week.
putting them to use.

i'm reaching brink...
too much

Hill Abbey,
oh you beacon of peace.

seems as if God is giving me pieces of knowledge,
can't seem to figure out their place or purpose.
but mostly trying to remain still amoungst the clutter...
i think there is dawn ahead.

i want waltz, lantern waste and wind.

i'm thankful for breath, watermelon, colour and love.

three kisses:



I'm putting on makeup and I decide to use a different approach.
Use a powdered formula for foundation.
5 minutes later it looks fantastic.
Too fantastic in fact...
ballet rehearsal flashbacks,
my hippie roots complain.

I reach for my history brush,
set opacity to 22%
choose original face.
Sweep across over made face.

that was my imagination.

drat you photoshop urges.


to say....

i'm having a hard time writing publicly.


God is good.


and that's not as much a cop-out as it seems.