If I had all this time on my hands
Well I would love to share it with you
And though our days have made other plans
There is nothing I'd rather do
Than sit and talk with you
My beautiful view
~Ron Sexsmith

one of my all time favourite songs:
just for Papa

(after the first verse the song no longer applies...
but perfection can be short lived)


on worship

Everything that is not exhausted by being given away is not yet owned as it ought to be, so long as we hold on to it and do not give it away.
St. Augustine


night brink

halfway between tired and hysterical
need to shut down everything
computer to imagination



*breaths huge sigh of relief*

well it's over.
and it went very satisfactorily.
i'm booked to do a bunch of others.

learned a LOT though...
shooting manual is a whole new beast...
i usually shoot semi-manual,
but fall back on automatic often.

alright you Canon Creeps.
obviously you can't really compare...
because my Nikon is way below the performance of the Canon i was shooting
it was nice just to have that kind of range
not to mention shooting in raw is like finding gold in hay

*goes back to pretending to accomplish things*


bravery of the dawn

(the photo is completely unrelated to post)
(we watched last night, and it's dancing in my head)

today scares me.

i shoot my first portrait shoot
as assistant photographer
under Sommer Photography.

i'm still trying to figure out how she thought me qualified.

this will also be my first shoot to use Canon.


okay, well there isn't an "and"...
just a throwback to the,
"scares" part of this monologue.

*big breaths*




i love being able to navigate my childhood home in the dark
because memory assists my feet better than any light bulb

i also love high speed internet

and that family...

i love them too


when the sky is awake

swollen moon anoints the canopy

chin upraised, eyes leaking

barren places wither slowly

palms parallel to the horizon

mercy comes pounding upon the temples

tender peace flows down light traces

doxology, redemption, always


holiday spaces

i often go out pacing when all i want to do is stay inside
and look out the window with you

i'm on my 18th day of away-from-home-ness

just about the fullest eighteen days ever

since i am horrible at gathering time into words,
and for the sake of not becoming completely incoherent,
we will just skip over that period of moments.
evil child, i know.

let's talk about my Abba.
because He's been a constant factor.
He loves me so hard,
i would shatter if it weren't for the protection of His Son.

let's talk about worth.
the miracle of how i am worthy to glorify the Creator,
not because of anything that i've emitted...
but through the adornment of those about me.
let's marvel on that.

let's talk about weather.
how beautimous it is to wake up without sweat on the small of your back.
walking against cool breezes.

let's talk about showers.
how they are always a surprise in pleasure,
and never quite as soothing as in your own bathroom.
somehow my shampoo smells stronger in strange lands.

let's talk about fruit.
fresh and continual.
i'm living on it,
and fresh beans off the plant.

let's talk about missing.
little barefeet
persistent voices

let's not talk about my sorry state of non-photography.
i can't seem to get up the gumption.
happy without processing that way.
wondering if i should worry about that.
of course...
i'm not.

because i don't worry about things that affect me.
just things ethereal.

that was my thought process.
such as it is.