brink of giving all i am

I will greatly rejoice in the LORD,

my soul shall be joyful in my God;

for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation,

He has covered me with the robe of righteousness,

as a bridegroom decks himself with ornaments,

and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

I get to speak these words this weekend...
in three short days

I will be a bride

to a man who has given a heart of sacrifice
an arm of diligence
a mouth of kindness

I rejoice
I joy
I murmur thanksgiving under every breath


thoughts on a home day

apparently i've been out of the house too much...
one morning at home is all kinds of weird.

some editoral notes on my family

amazing how loving people become when one of the crew is leaving. Mercy is off to Summer Sanctus and there was much hugging. when Papa does his ballerina skip thingy toward you it's a clear indication of suppressed melancholy. i miss her just because she isn't easily accessible.

Papa was teaching Caleb (a friend's 2yold boy we routinely watch) to sing "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi... really now?

do you attain territoral insticts when engaged? like onto nesting for maternity? it's no secret that my wardrobe is somehow a sister free-for-all... but at least have the decency of pretending you aren't stealing my clothes. what i don't see is much easier to be chill about. *glare* iloveyouvangieandmercyokay.

Dodie watches The Great Escape. this explains a lot.


in other news;
date tonight with my Goodman.
kinda thrilled beyond measure.
this is a rare situation people.
i did infact google "cute first date outfits"



"I've got you, babe, to wear my ring"

Here is the simple story

He proposed in a tux after dancing in the rain.
I said 'yes' like my life depended on it;
and it does.

We are savouring the realization that we are betrothed.

With two weekends of community joy planned ahead...
(a psalm sing and friends wedding)
...we are postponing any wedding talk till mid to late May.

This will enable us to peacefully revel in the joy that is ours.

Suffice to say that that "delay of planning" will not put us into a time crunch.
This is a miracle:
That a man so good and blessed
would hold
a girl so raw and blessed.

We have the honour of glorifying God and and enjoying Him...




Jedediah Bechard asked for a wife...

Abigail Vrazo said yes




it's beautiful
even in all it's pollen
and mind fogging powers

things are growing all around
within as well

my inadequacies are only superseded by His grace



... can't wrap my head around that one ...
.... around the whole year ....



I dreamed you first, but not so real

And every day since I found you, such moments we steal
Like little thieves, we rub our hands
And hold our hearts between them
But will you hear me and know?

I want only this
I want to live
I want to live a simple life


my man is gone and it's too early to sleep and too late to edit...
so here we are.


all is well.
we wake and work and wait and worship and wonder
it's a pleasant revolution


summer is peeking around the corner...

and yellow is the colour that comes to mind


adventuring minds...

...they wander
without bodies

darn this cold

ready to walk my streets and grasses again


with the bluntness morning affords...

it's an empty saturday morning
without coffee
and other movement stimulators

so thought i'd blog

this is old news,
but somewhat unproclaimed

i'm a courted little girl

here are faces

he is my goodman

we celebrated six months recently
amid wonder and joy and hope

sometimes i realize that my prayers are being answered
sometimes i forget that such lavish blessing were petitioned for
sometimes i cringe at the boldness of my reaching hand

sometimes i'm speechless

sometimes we are speechless

sometimes we waltz
sometimes we laugh
sometimes we fall
sometimes we sing

i am overthrown


introducing MissA

took my 1.8f lens into 'work' today to catch a few shots of the bebe...
somehow the camera jumbled the card...
but this one came out-

straight out of the bath with a pirate soul


2010 is for fulfilling

* GOAL *

"sail paper boats down a stream"


Peace Out 2009