now... if they would just load quicker onto the website
this little child is tired

hailing from the abyss of adobe

been editing like insanity
leaked out on my brothers bedspread

Pandora is frozen on the
Iron and Wine station

four grande *bux cups in the wastebasket

the end is in sight
but it's wavering like a mirage



Afterwards none of them could ever remember at all what had happened.
But they never forgot that they had been somewhere where
everything was
easy and beautiful.
And people who can remember even that much are
never quite the same again.

E. Nesbit


truth filled fragility

It might be lonelier
Without the Loneliness -
I’m so accustomed to my Fate -
Perhaps the Other - Peace -

Would interrupt the Dark -
And crowd the little Room -
Too scant - by Cubits - to contain
The Sacrament - of Him -

I am not used to Hope -
It might intrude upon -
Its sweet parade - blaspheme the place -
Ordained to Suffering -

It might be easier
To fail - with Land in Sight -
Than gain - My Blue Peninsula -
To perish - of Delight -

— emily dickinson

Though our feelings come and go,
His love for us does not.
It is not wearied by our sins,
or our indifference;
and, therefore,
it is quite relentless in its determination
that we shall be cured of those sins,
at whatever cost to us, at whatever cost to Him.


soporific days

we're all working through a winter cold.
Sickly ones in Marmee and Papa's bed listening to Redwall.

going to go read this...
and drink tea...
while pumping vitamins into my flushed body



blaze of cold fire

full moon turns me liquid

Chaim Potok took me out on a coffee date:
he told me stories and i gasped.

and suddenly i realized how much i missed voices.
the words are important,
but simply the act of being read to is strangely comforting.
perhaps that what made the summer gold.

like waltzing
or singing

the movement itself has power



i lost my keys and temper simultaneously today

i've started to use a simple question on myself:
"how am I acting like a four year old?"

complaining when things don't magically appear
while standing in a house full of love and blessing

just cause i can articulate my grumbling in multiple adjectives
doesn't make it any less pathetic

thank God for grace which comes daily like manna


things that made me 'happy' this weekend

  • singing with loud voices
  • dancing (two skinned knees to prove it)
  • listening to wise men and women
  • my Kate
  • baby holding *smile*
  • car rides to and from
  • fresh air
  • an abundance of blonde girls
  • watching God's people be happy