thoughts on a home day

apparently i've been out of the house too much...
one morning at home is all kinds of weird.

some editoral notes on my family

amazing how loving people become when one of the crew is leaving. Mercy is off to Summer Sanctus and there was much hugging. when Papa does his ballerina skip thingy toward you it's a clear indication of suppressed melancholy. i miss her just because she isn't easily accessible.

Papa was teaching Caleb (a friend's 2yold boy we routinely watch) to sing "Wanted Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi... really now?

do you attain territoral insticts when engaged? like onto nesting for maternity? it's no secret that my wardrobe is somehow a sister free-for-all... but at least have the decency of pretending you aren't stealing my clothes. what i don't see is much easier to be chill about. *glare* iloveyouvangieandmercyokay.

Dodie watches The Great Escape. this explains a lot.


in other news;
date tonight with my Goodman.
kinda thrilled beyond measure.
this is a rare situation people.
i did infact google "cute first date outfits"


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