All wrongs forgotten & all vengeance made right.
Suffering verbs put to sleep inthe night.
Future descending like a bright chandelier

exactly a week away from our two month anniversary.
it's strange to think that it's been that long.
it's strange to think that it's been that short.

never were a couple so immersed in blessing.
our people gave so much in joy, words and material.

now i'm a wife.
i wake up early and crack open eyes and eggs.
laugh and cry and apologize and forgive.

it's a marriage.

this coming year is one of terrifying hope.
i will do some of the most foolish acts,
i will be acquitted in grace of them.
great responsibilities laced in enormous privileges.

the truth is 2010 was the happiest of my life.
most of that grade dependent on the last month of the year.


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